World Institute For Research In Advanced Sciences (WIRAS) , An autonomous institution under Jamia Markaz was founded in 2018 with the aim of moulding an exalted group of Islamic preachers who persues research over modern academic disciplines at the same time. WIRAS is located within Markaz Knowledge City, Biggest integrated township in south India,Offers unparalleled opportunities in multidicipliniary academic approaches with classical Islamic knowledge tradition for the students all over the world. WIRAS foster the uniqueness in right for education, intellectual independence, originality of resources, tradition with innovative and advanced researches for the sake of upgrading humanity with moral values, adhering to Sharia perspectives.

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The problem of philosophy has existed long since the commencement of human existence. Various philosophical schools have attempted to answer the question of life, meaning, existence and so forth. Among others, Islam has left a convincing legacy of Al Hikma which has been being explored by the legends of _falsafa, kalam and Sufism, in undoing the labyrinthine life questions and has successfully passed the test of times engaging in multifarious philosophical enterprises. Furthermore, thanks to the vibrant and open-minded intellectual engagements Muslims had with other philosophies, the epistemic edifice of pure Islamic disciplines such aqida, fiqh, usul-al-fiqh have also been philosophically grounded. However, the engagement of Islam and modern philosophy- in its crudest sense of encompassing contemporary debates- merits exploration.

Here, the second WIRAS international conference on "From Al Hikma to Modern Philosophy: Methodologies of epistemic engagements in Islam" aims at contributing to the ongoing philosophical debates concerning modern philosophy and Islam. The conference hopes to tackle a major lacuna in the field and widening of its scope for further research and contemplation.


  1. Al Hikma in the era of relativity and quantum mechanics
  2. Kalamic essentialism and contemporary challenges
  3. Set theory and Mathematical Logic
  4. Rules of logic and replacement (modus ponens, modus tollens etc)
  5. Principles of Classical logic (LEM, LNC etc)
  6. Sufi epistemology and continental philosophy
  7. Dialetheism and metaphysical basis of knowledge
  8. Kalam Jadid or Ottoman Kalam
  9. Khabar Sadiq and contemporary philosophy of testimony
  10. Pramanas of Indian Philosophy and Asbab ul ulum
  11. Nyaya and Arabic Logic: Comparative perspective
  12. Reading or revisiting Al hikma axioms in contemporary sci-tech explosion
  13. Arrguments from Al Hikma to counter New Atheism
  14. Contributions of mantiqat to Aristotelian Logic
  15. Scope of Inductive Logic in Mantiq
  16. Usul al Tafseer and hermeneutics.
  17. Nahv, Balagha as philosophy of language
  18. Usul al Fiqh or the Philosophy of Islamic Law
  19. Sufi understanding of man and philosophical anthropology
  20. Sufi cosmology and existentialism

Submission guidelines

  • All papers should be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.
  • Paper can be written and presented in English, Arabic and Malayalam.
  • Paper should be in Microsoft Word format, double spaced, “12”font size with Times New Roman. The Arabic and Malayalam fonts and styles can be arranged accordingly.
  • The abstract should be not more than 300 words. Please limit the use of acronyms, abbreviations and references in the abstract.
  • Keywords for the article: 3-5 keywords are sufficient.
  • Referencing should be in standard format. We recommend Harvard referencing system.
  • Scholars with successful submissions will be contacted and invited to provide their full papers (5000- 7000 words) according to the timeline listed below.
  • After concluding the conference, the accepted papers will undergo blind peer review, after which they will be published in a special volume of ‘The Impress’ or ’MAJALLA Al-WIRAS’ (مجلّة الوراث).
  • Submissions are to be sent by email to conference@wiras.in
  • For inquiries please contact +91 7063 939 055
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